Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Coming to your doormat soon!

Nene Living editorial team
Nene Living editorial team (with cake)

I'm really pleased to write for local FREE magazine Nene Living, which is delivered to houses right across our ward.

With the help of many dog owners in the local area, I have written an article for the May issue on interesting places to take your dog for a walk within easy reach of Peterborough.

When writing the article I discovered something very interesting...

The signage to our many beautiful areas, many of which are perfect for dog walking and exercising, is TERRIBLE!

Until I did my research, I had no idea there were so many fantastic places to walk Reggie right on my doorstep. I'm sure my article will be a revelation to many dog owners in the area.

I do not understand why Peterborough City Council doesn't make more effort to signpost areas of natural beauty more clearly. We live in an area of great natural beauty. Unless you know where to look you're unlikely to find the many gorgeous local beauty spots, most of which are rich in thriving natural habitats and wildlife.

The issue containing my article on dog walking will be delivered to addresses across Orton Waterville Ward in the first week of May. If you don't receive Nene Living, but live in Peterborough and would like to see my article, let me know!

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