Friday, 22 April 2016

The 'Alexander' Technique

With less than two weeks until the day of the local elections (5 May, as if anyone would forget), teams from every political party have been out in their wards, leafleting.

There are just over 4,000 homes in my ward and I intend to reach them all. This is not humanly possible for me on my own, so I rely very much on the support of my fellow Peterborough Green Party members.

When you stand as a party candidate there are things you find out about that you didn't know you didn't know (and didn't know that you needed to know).

I won't spoil the surprise for future candidates reading this (or give too many of our team's secrets away). However, there is one essential piece of equipment that no leafleter should leave home without.


wooden spoon
What I do with this spoon is my own private business

Turns out, wooden spoons are useful for far more that making chocolate cake. Who knew? Come election time, the common wooden spoon is transformed into a 'weapon of mass discussion'.

What do we do with it? Wouldn't you like to know.

I am extremely grateful to my Peterborough Green Party colleague Alex for teaching me how to use a wooden spoon to make my leafleting safer and more efficient. In fact, I've since become an evangelist for the 'Alexander' technique.

When out leafleting, you are very likely to cross paths with people delivering leaflets for local businesses. I'm very shocked to see none of them with a wooden spoon. Several times now, I've waved my spoon at them and advised, 'you need one of these!' They smile the kind of smile that masks real fear and continue on their way. Oh well.

Perhaps they don't value their fingers as much as I do.

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