Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Peterborough Green Party 2016 City Council Elections result is ‘Greenest yet’

Peterborough Green Party candidates
Peterborough Green Party candidates

Peterborough Green Party is celebrating its most successful results to date after the Party's 18 candidates polled 4,908 votes across 14 wards in last week's 2016 Peterborough City Council Elections. Almost 12% of people who voted in these wards cast a vote for a Green Party candidate.

"Our candidates polled ahead of Labour in three wards and ahead of the Liberal Democrats in five wards", says PGP Coordinator (and candidate for Werrington Ward) Roger Proudfoot.

"Our best results came in Orton Waterville and Orton Longueville. 23% of voters cast a vote for Julie Howell (Orton Waterville), while 19% of voters cast a vote for Alex Airey (Orton Longueville).

"These results clearly demonstrate that the 'Greening' of Peterborough continues, despite what you may have been encouraged to believe about the 'Green surge' being over", says Proudfoot.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett visited Werrington in Peterborough on the day of the election to lend her support, and later described the Green Party’s result in Peterborough as "Great foundations laid for the future".

But under Proportional Representation we'd do better!

Despite polling an average of 13% of the vote across Peterborough in the wards Peterborough Green Party stood, the current method of polling means that the Party was unable to secure its first Green Party City Councillor.

"When you consider the result in this light it’s plain to see that the voting system is broken and that Peterborough is a lot ‘Greener’ than the composition of the new City Council would have people believe", says Proudfoot.

"A different polling system, known as Proportional Representation (PR) would mean the apportioning of council seats would be allocated to reflect the share of the vote overall, which would be a clearer reflection of the electorate’s wishes.

"Under PR the Green Party would have won at least four seats on the City Council this election."

Even without any Council seats, Proudfoot is keen to stress that support for the Green Party is surging in Peterborough and that the 4,908 votes cast for the Green Party were not wasted.

"It is very clear that the Green Party in Peterborough stands for ideas and policies that a significant number local people want, from our campaign for 20mph speed limits in residential streets to our policies on the reduction of harmful littering. These results show that Peterborough is getting Greener all the time. Our party will continue to work with local people between elections to carry on our vital work that is making our city a cleaner, more sustainable and happier place for all residents."

Percentage of people who voted Green by ward

Bretton 11.80%
Central 12.12%
Dogsthorpe 5.80%
Eye, Thorney, Newborough 13.56%
Fletton & Stanground 11.23%
Fletton & Woodston 16.20%
Glinton & Castor 11.84%
Hampton Vale (1st choice candidate) 14.43%
Hampton Vale (2nd choice candidate) 18.58%
Hampton Vale (3rd choice candidate) 19.02%
North 9.91%
Orton Longueville 18.58%
Orton Waterville 23.08%
Park 10.10%
Werrington (1st choice candidate) 10.20%
Werrington (2nd choice candidate) 8.04%
Werrington (3rd choice candidate) 4.53%
West 9.13%
TOTAL 11.88%

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