Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Sad Story of Rural Vandalism... Or Possibly Not

Cable ties on a lamp post
Cable ties where a sign paid for by residents used to be

We may never know what happened here.

Orton Waterville Parish Council paid for some signs to be put up on lamp posts across the parish - at the request of residents, I hasten to add - to encourage people to pick up after their dogs.

The signs were luminous and looked like this:

Poster that reads thoughtless dog owners we're watching you!
If we'd been watching a bit more closely we may have seen who stole the signs

I chose the locations for six signs in Ortons Northgate and Southgate.

So I was a bit miffed to find that two of them have been torn down.

Who did it, I wonder? Was it a contractor working for the property developer that is still responsible for the Northgate development? Was it a contractor working for Peterborough City Council? Or was it a naughty passerby who thinks destroying signs that they themselves paid for (the Parish Council is funded via our Council Tax) is a cool/daring/amusing thing to do? This is a mystery that may never be solved.

I had a poke about in nearby bushes and couldn't find any sign of the signs, so I'm going to think the best of people and assume that a contractor removed them.

One of two lovely new dog bins on Orton Northgate

Anyway, that's the disappointing old news.

The fantastic newer news is that two brand new dog bins, in delightful pillar box red, have since been installed in Orton Northgate (let's hope no one mistakes one for a pillar box).

These new bins have taken pressure off the one dog bin that was previously relied upon in Northgate (every Monday I would plunge a rubber-gloved hand into it to make more room as, being emptied on Tuesdays, it was always over-flowing by the following Monday - the things I do for my community...).

Over-flowing dog bin

And the terrific news is that whoever was letting their dog poo all over the verges of Northgate does now seem to have taken the hint and is making use of the new bins - hurrah!

So whatever happened to my lovely signs now matters not. Thank you Peterborough City Council (or was it the developer?) for our new dog waste bins, and thank you, residents of Orton Northgate, for making use of them. Northgate is so much nicer without dog poo on its verges.

No dog bins on your estate? No matter. The new floor-standing litter bins that Peterborough City Council has provided are multi-purpose. This means you can put your dog poo bags in any public litter bin. These new bins are infinitely better than the old lamp post-mounted litter bins, that were frequently raided by local crows, that would pick out the dog poo bags from the bins and drop them on the ground!

I was told by a City Councillor that it is no longer their policy to provide new dog bins, so the residents of Orton Northgate are very blessed indeed.

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