Friday, 24 June 2016

EU Referendum Results for Orton Waterville

Union Jack and EU flags
Britain is to leave the EU

You will have heard the national headlines and know that Britain has decided to leave the EU.

Orton Waterville ward experienced a high turnout for the EU referendum vote.

So how did residents of Orton Waterville ward vote?

Like most of Peterborough, Orton Waterville voted to LEAVE the EU. However, the result in our ward was by no means unanimous.

5273 valid votes were cast in Orton Waterville, with the vote split roughly three to two in favour of LEAVE:

LEAVE: 3129

REMAIN: 2144

Interestingly, our ward had the third highest pro-REMAIN vote in Peterborough and the fourth highest pro-LEAVE vote! Read the full list of results on the Peterborough Telegraph website.

A real split, with 985 votes separating the two sides, but the LEAVES were in the majority here.

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