Thursday, 30 June 2016

Not Even For a Moment...

Dogs die in hot cars poster
Dogs die in hot cars

I know from delivering leaflets around our area just how much we all love our dogs!

We heard some very sad news from Hampton earlier this month. Three dogs that had been left alone in a car later died as a result of over-heating. The incident is currently the subject of an RSPCA investigation so I won't speculate further, but the news serves as a stark reminder that it is never safe to leave your dog unattended in the car in hot weather.

Newspaper headline Three Dogs Die in Warm Car
From the Peterborough Telegraph

Hot weather isn't restricted to the summer months in Peterborough, nor is it always the case that every day in summer is hot. But weather conditions change very quickly, and even if the weather is cool, a car can heat up very rapidly. Leaving a window partially open will only help for a very short period of time.

If planning a journey to a place where you will have no choice but to leave your alone dog in your car for any length of time, please think about whether it is safer to leave the dog at home. I'm a dog owner and know the great amount of planning that dog ownership involves. But I also know that dogs are completely reliant on us and can succumb to heat very quickly.

Every time we take our dog Reggie on a trip we think first and ask ourselves 'Can one of us stay with the dog all the time?' If we cannot avoid leaving him alone in the car then it's better and safer for him to stay at home.

The poster you see above is produced by Wood Green, the animals charity in nearby Godmanchester. Do visit Wood Green's website to find our more about keeping your dog safe in the heat.

This isn't political correctness or scaremongering. Dogs really do very quickly die in hot cars. Please don't leave your dog alone in your car. Not even for a moment.

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