Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Big Butterfly Count

A few weeks ago I had a close encounter with some bats that were in need of help.

But bats aren't the only species that need our protection. Butterflies need help too, and YOU can help.

From 15th July to 17th August 2016, the charity Butterfly Conservation is asking people throughout Orton and all over the country are being asked to participate in the Big Butterfly Count.

It is so easy to take part and great fun for children, who will love learning about the nature right on their doorstep. It is also a wonderful reminder to all of us of how we are surrounded by natural beauty in Peterborough, and how we can all play a role in protecting our wildlife.

All you nee to do is visit the Big Butterfly Count website, where you can download a butterfly identification chart that looks like this:

Then choose a spot near to where you live and stay there for 15 minutes. Make a note of any of the butterflies that you see, including any you spot that are not on this chart.

Then return to the Big Butterfly Count website and log your sightings.

Sir David Attenborough explains why the Big Butterfly Count is so important.

What is this?

Large black caterpillar

On my recent trip to Cumbria, I spotted a huge caterpillar on the wall of the converted barn that I was staying in. Do you know what sort of butterfly this caterpillar will soon become?

Believe it or not, this wonderful beast will eventually turn into a peacock butterfly, just like this one!

peacock butterfly
Peacock butterfly

Helping the nature on your doorstep doesn't have to be messy or dangerous. Anyone can take part in the Big Butterfly Count and help the fascinating and precious creatures living all around us.

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