Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to be Twice as Nice

When I'm not doing this, I have a small business. My small business relies on other small businesses. Small businesses work very hard and times are tough.

So whenever they have a special occasion coming up, like a 6th birthday, I like to send them something nice to say thanks.

Strawberries dipped in chocolate from Edible Bouquets in Stevenage

Wherever possible, I like to be twice as nice. And by that, I mean ethical.

I prefer to send a gift produced by a small business that is local to them, so I'm thanking my small business supplier and giving business to another small business at the same time. Keeping my carbon footprint small(ish) as well.

Have a think. Feel like surprising someone with a gift 'just because'? See if you can find a supplier local to them and be twice as nice.

The companies? The supplier of my website is Day Media in Stevenage, Herts (I used to live in Herts). The supplier of the chocolate strawberries is Edible Bouquets, also in Stevenage, Herts.


  1. I will keep that for future reference when gift fever takes over! I like to buy random gifts from my favourite charities whenever I have an excuse. I bought 10 t-shirts from the Great Whale Conservancy Council (http://www.greatwhaleconservancy.org) have gradually raffled them off at various family and work gatherings raising double what I originally paid for the charity!