Saturday, 13 August 2016

PECT Peterborough Green Festival 2016

PECT Green Festival 2016 brochure
PECT Green Festival 2016 brochure

I've just returned from a lovely afternoon at the PECT Peterborough Green Festival in Cathedral Square where all sorts was going on.

PECT is Peterborough Environment City Trust. It is an independent charity, set up after Peterborough's designation in 1992 as one of four UK Environment Cities. PECT's mission is to protect and enhance the environment throughout Peterborough. It does this by delivering innovative and sustainable environmental projects right across our city.

PECT's Green Festival is an opportunity to find out more about what PECT is doing for Peterborough and to become more involved in nurturing and protecting the city we all love and whose natural resources we all rely upon.

I went along on launch day (Saturday 13th August), but the festival runs fringe events around the city right through until 21st August. You will find full details of the events still to come on the PECT Green Festival website.

Video transcript: Hello, well it’s a special day today here in Peterborough because the Peterborough Environment City Trust has put on a special event that’s on today that is all about celebrating the environment in Peterborough and raising awareness. I’m going to have a little wander round and tell you a bit more about what it’s all about. This card says that in 2010 the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust launched ‘A Forest for Peterborough’, an exciting project to plant over 180,000 trees in and around the city and the surrounding area by 2030. And that’s just one example of the projects that are happening here. But let me show you what’s happening today. What’s really exciting is it’s already about 4pm here so we’re here quite late but there are loads of people here. So, let me turn the camera around to show you what’s going on. That’s actually the back of the beer tent! We’re by the cathedral here. Did you know that Peterborough has this amazing Cathedral, so if you come here do have a look at it. Peterborough is steeped in history. It really is a city by the countryside. It’s amazing. And if you can see over there, there’s actually a live play going on, so I’ll just walk past that and I’ll stop talking. There are absolutely loads of people here. It’s a beautiful day and that really helps but there are hundreds and hundreds and there are events right across Cathedral Square as well which is the square just outside the cathedral here. There are lots of stands there and members of PECT explaining the various projects that are going on in Peterborough to protect the environment we have and to create better environments and habitats for wildlife and for people in the future. So it’s a really exciting thing to be involved in and I’ve met a lot of interesting people here and I was pleased to tell them about Peterborough Green Party and how we can help them to support this effort.

Events board
Some of the events in Cathedral Square today

The main action today was in Cathedral Square
The main action today was in Cathedral Square
Hundreds of people enjoyed a play outside the cathedral
Hundreds of people enjoyed a play outside the cathedral
Giant metal beetle
There were lots of unusual things to see like this giant stag beetle made from recycled materials

I was one of many people who visited the PECT stand to sign up as a volunteer

If you would like to support the work of PECT in Peterborough they are always pleased to hear from volunteers. Get in touch via the PECT website at

Well done everyone who was involved today and who gives their time and energy to support PECT and to keep Peterborough beautiful and sustainable for generations to come.

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