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Plans for Plegan Place

Plegan Place
Plegan Place

UPDATE 23 July 2017: Since I wrote this blog post, Orton Waterville Parish Council has been considering a request from a group of residents for improvements to the play equipment at Plegan Place as they feel that the range of play equipment there at present is uninspiring. At time of writing, the Parish Council is considering this request and has agreed to set aside some budget for potential improvements to the play equipment. However, no work will be started without further consultation with residents, both in favour and not in favour, particularly in respect of those residents who live near Plegan Place, who make use of it now and who are concerned about how the Parish Council spends the money it receives from the council tax 'precept'. If you have any concerns or wish to share your views, please contact the Parish Council clerk via the Orton Waterville Parish Council website.

Chances are you've never heard of Plegan Place, but you know it. It's the area of common land registered to Orton Waterville Parish Council between The Gannocks and Wyman Way in Orton Waterville.

The land, previously a 'public gravel pit' according to public records, is subject to bye laws that mean its use is protected and restricted. For example, while there are public allotments at Plegan Place, fencing around the allotments is prohibited (so if you've ever wondered why those allotments are not fenced off, now you know).

Plegan Place has quite a history. It was the parcel of land numbered '72' on the Enclosure Award Map of 1809 for the parish of Cherry Orton (now known as Orton Waterville parish) and was awarded to 'the surveyors of the highways of the parish' at that time. The herbage for the plot was awarded to the Surveyors so that they 'could let this out at a reasonable rent and use this income on the repair of roads'.

The parish council presently maintains the burial ground at Plegan Place, and also owns the play equipment which is maintained by Peterborough City Council. If you thought things like burial grounds and playgrounds 'just were' you may be surprised at the complexity of who owns what and why and who looks after it!.

Plegan Place
Aerial view of Plegan Place

Much of the rest of Plegan Place is given over to grass. However, discussion are happening at Parish Council level to make more of this lovely area that is so popular with local dog walkers, for example by turning some of the land into a meadow of wild flowers for everyone to enjoy.

Earlier this year, the parish council was approached by residents who feel that the play equipment would benefit from some improvements. With their help, this idea is being considered, and now a working group of the parish council is considering ideas to both improve the play facilities and enhance the natural beauty of Plegan Place.

Ideas for the development of Plegan Place are still at a very early stage and residents' input will be welcome. If you'd like to be involved, drop me a line.

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