Monday, 7 November 2016

Which Way Out? Car Park Danger in Napier Place

Tesco Express in Orton Wistow
The popular Tesco Express at Napier Place in Orton Wistow
Several residents of Orton Wistow have been in touch with me to express their concerns about road safety at Napier Place.

They are specifically concerned that while the shopping centre car park has two entrances/exits neither is marked as such and this is leading to confusion. I have been told by residents that they have witnessed several near misses as drivers have attempted to leave the car park through the same exit that another driver is using as an entrance.

Napier Place car park
Is this the entrance or the exit?
No one is sure.

Those residents who have lived in the area for more that a few years will remember that what is now the Tesco Express was once a pub. Since the change of use, traffic to the car park at all times of day has increased. While there may not have been a need for a marked entrance and exit when the pub was in Napier place, with a school, residential home and now a popular Tesco Express in the vicinity it is very obvious that the entrance and exit need to be clearly marked to keep everyone safe, drivers and pedestrians alike.

I popped down to have a quick look and the problem quickly became obvious to me.

Posted by Julie Howell on Monday, 7 November 2016

We hope Peterborough City Council will work with the land owner to address this problem. For want of a couple of road signs the area could be made a lot safer.

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