Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Disposing of Your Real Christmas Tree

Dead Christmas tree
How do you dispose of your real Christmas tree?

Real Christmas Trees are kinder to the environment that their plastic equivalents. If you chose to have a real Christmas tree this year, congratulations!

However, you may be wondering what's the best way to dispose of your tree now that Christmas is over.

Good news for Peterborough residents

Peterborough City Council will take your tree away for no charge!

You have two options:

1. If you subscribe to the 'Brown Bin' service, cut your tree in half and put it into your brown bin for the next scheduled Brown Bin collection.

2. If you don't have a Brown Bin you can still have the council take away your real Christmas tree for FREE. Simply place your real tree out with your GREEN BIN between 17th and 27th January 2017 and the council will take it away for you.

Please, don't fly tip your tree. The council is making it really easy to dispose of your tree responsibly this year and simply dumping it in woods can cause a great deal of harm to the environment (and you also risk being fined up to £5000 if you're caught doing it!).

UPDATE 26th January 2017. Seems the council missed a few streets and some trees have yet to be collected. If your tree was missed, drop me a line with the name of your street and I'll let the council know.

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