Tuesday, 24 October 2017

City Council Consultation on 'No Waiting' Zone in Orton Northgate

Update 11th December 2017

Great news. The City Council has heeded residents' requests:

"The general consensus received support to the double yellow lines on both sides of East of England Way, but requested that they stopped before the entrance to the residential area. We will therefore amend the plan to reflect this and recommend that this reduced scope is approved by our Head of Service. It is our intention to stop the practice of  lorries parking in Joseph Odam Way which we would be keen to prevent, but unfortunately we cannot extend the double yellow lines onto Joseph Odam Way within the current Legal Order. I will therefore include the proposal for additional restrictions at this location on our next Traffic Order which is due in the new year."

Original article

Although this Peterborough City Council consultation has only been sent to some residents of East of England Way, I feel that everyone who lives on the Orton Northgate estate should have their say.

Peterborough City Council is proposing to introduce new parking restrictions along part of East of England way. This is welcome, as it will prevent the kind of anti-social parking that residents of that street have been forced to tolerate for way too long now. In particular, large vehicles that have arrived 24 hours early to visit the Showground have been parking up on East of England Way, making it more difficult for residents, bin lorries and emergency vehicles to access this part of the Northgate estate.

The council has supplied a map as shown below.

Map of East of England Way
The red shading indicates the area of 'No Waiting At Any Time' proposed by the city council

While the introduction of the proposed 'No Waiting At Any Time' zone is welcomed, many residents feel that it extends too far into the residential part of East of England way.

If you are a resident of Orton Northgate, you may wish to support East of England Way residents by responding to the consultation to indicate that you strongly disagree with the proposal because you feel the suggested area is not correct. Contrary to the city council's suggestion, residents feel that the zone should end just past the turning into the Holiday Inn and not extend into the residential area. It would also be helpful if the zone extended down Joseph Odam Way down to the junction with Oundle Road.

I urge everyone who lives in Orton Northgate to respond to this consultation.

Send your comments to Judi Anderson, Technician - Traffic Management at Peterborough Highway Services at judi.anderson@peterborough.gov.uk

If you're pushed for time, you may wish to take advantage of this letter template that I have produced. Do personalise it and include any additional comments that you wish to make.

[Your address]

Judi Anderson
Technician – Traffic Management
Growth & Regeneration Directorate
Peterborough Highway Services Network Team
Dodson House, Fengate
Peterborough PE1 5XG


Dear Judi,

Re: The Council of the City of Peterborough (Civil Enforcement Area) (Waiting Restrictions and Street Parking Places) Amendment No.40 Order 2017 East of England Way, Orton Northgate

With reference to this proposal please take into account the following comments.

While the proposal to create an area of ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ on East of England Way is welcomed, I strongly disagree with the proposal as presented in your letter of 12 October 2017.

I request that the area is amended as follows:

  • That the area does not extend into the residential part of East of England Way. Rather that it terminates immediately after the right turn into the Holiday Inn Express.
  • That the area is extended to include Joseph Odam Way, which is the road that links East of England Way to Oundle Road. Joseph Odam Way is the sole access road to the Orton Northgate Estate. 
Recently, articulated lorries and transport carriers have been observed parking overnight on Joseph Odam Way, presenting a potential hazard to both residential traffic and emergency vehicles. The extension of the No Wait zone to include Joseph Odam Way would vastly improve the safety of Joseph Odam Way for all residents.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]