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Introducing Alex Airey: the Green Candidate for Orton Longueville

Alex Airey, candidate for Orton Longueville ward in the 2018 Peterborough City Council by-election.
Alex Airey, candidate for Orton Longueville ward in the 2018 Peterborough City Council by-election.

UPDATE: Alex did us proud at the election on 2nd August. He didn't win a seat this time but he did succeed in increasing the Green vote share in Orton Longueville, a feat that is very rarely accomplished in a by-election. Alex is continuing his work as both a parish councillor and a community volunteer in the area. If you live in Orton Longueville ward and need Alex's help do contact him at

I was delighted to be elected to serve as a City Councillor for Orton Waterville earlier this year. I didn't get here alone. I had the backing of many local residents and also a fantastic team of other Green Party members. They stood at my shoulder for 22-months while I fought to win the first Green Party city council seat that Peterborough has ever had.
Their sacrifice means that they stepped into the shadows while I stood in the spotlight. Now the time has come for this to change.

A few days ago, it was announced that there will be a by election in neighbouring Orton Longueville ward on Thursday 2nd August 2018.

I'm thrilled to let you know that your Green Party candidate in this election is Alex Airey.

Alex Airey talking to someone on their doorstep
Alex has already dedicated many hours to speaking to Orton residents
on their doorsteps to find out what they need for their city council.

Alex is already a familiar face to many of you, as he accompanied me when I knocked on doors in our ward during 2017 and 2018. 

I can't say enough good things about Alex. He is already a local legend, having been the one who encouraged me to stand as a Green Party candidate in the Peterborough City Council Elections in 2016. Given I had never been a member of any political party (and never voted Green!) up to that point, this is an indicator of Alex's exceptional ability influence and persuade!
I have witnessed first hand on many occasions his commitment to making life better for the people of Orton Longueville ward.

Alex outside the Herlington Centre
Alex outside the Herlington Centre where the parish council
meets on the first Thursday of every month.

Like me, Alex has been a parish council for both Orton Longueville and Orton Waterville parishes for over two years. If you've ever come along to a parish council meeting you may well have seen Alex in action. We have all been very impressed by Alex's careful attention to the details that really matter, particularly when analysing contracts and policy documents. He is definitely the guy you want standing in your corner and has earned a lot of respect from everyone he works with.
While he is impressive in meetings, Alex is just as comfortable working out in the community. He has accompanied me on more litter picks that I can remember, and dedicates a few hours ever Saturday to help me to do outreach work in my ward. His thoughtfulness and willingness to put other people before himself make him very easy to work with and I confess that I have come to rely on him.

Alex with Peterborough City Councillor Julie Howell outside the post office in Herlington.
Alex with Peterborough City Councillor Julie Howell outside the post office in Herlington.

40-year-old Alex lives in Stagsden in Orton Goldhay, and is well-known to people living in the area. He recently got himself an allotment and spends a lot of time there, cultivating an impressive range of vegetables and chatting with other allotment holders from the area.
During the week, Alex works at Peterborough Regional College where he helps students to reach their full potential. He is also a well-known face on Peterborough's art scene and holds a degree in event management. 
Alex has lived in Peterborough for twenty years, and lived in Orton Brimbles before moving to Orton Goldhay so has a really impressive knowledge of the local area.

Alex is committed to stamping out fly-tipping in Orton
Alex is committed to stamping out fly-tipping in Orton

He is very concerned about the blight of fly-tipping and littering, particularly in parts of Goldhay and Malborne, and he is campaigning to save the post offices in Herlington and the Orton Centre. 
If you live in Orton Longueville ward (Orton Goldhay, Orton Malborne, Longueville, The Village, Botolph Green) I warmly encourage you to vote for Alex at the election on 2nd August. I know from experience that local council wards need diversity and that a single Green councillor can provide much-needed scrutiny. Alex will ask the questions that will make life better for residents and is fully committed putting residents first and serving you to the best of his ability. 

Alex Airey carrying bulky rubbish
Alex helps elderly Orton residents get their rubbish to the
parish council's bulky waste collection point.

This post is published and promoted by Fiona Radic, for and on behalf of Alex Airey and Peterborough Green Party, 15 Kings Gardens, Peterborough PE1 4EN

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