Friday, 26 October 2018

New LED street lighting arrives in Orton

Peterborough's street lights are being upgraded to LED
Peterborough's street lights are being upgraded to LED

Peterborough City Council is currently undertaking a massive programme of work to upgrade and improve the street lighting across the city. Orton residents may have noticed that the lights in their street have already changed from the old sodium type to the more energy efficient and less polluting LED variety.

The LED lights will provide a 73% decrease in harmful carbon production, which will cut emissions by 3,500 tonnes per year. We're also told the new lights will save Peterborough City council a staggering £25million over 20 years.

Not everyone's a fan of the new lighting and it may be a case of getting used to the new brightness at night time. Other people love the new 'daylight' lamps. If you have to walk your dog in the darker months the lighting provides a sense of greater security.

But there is one issue on which everyone agrees: the lights should be on when its dark and off when it's light.

I was recently contacted by residents of Orton Wistow and Orton Brimbles who have noticed that at least 20 of the old sodium lights along Oundle Road are burning twenty-four hours a day. Residents are very concerned about how much money is being wasted on this unnecessary lighting. I'm told some of the lights have been on permanently for months.

I have reported the faulty lights to the council and encourage residents to do the same using this email address:

Find out more about the council's LED street light upgrade project.

Skanska is the company delivering the project on behalf of Peterborough Highway Services, which is a partnership between Peterborough City Council and Skanska. Find out more about the partnership.


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