Monday, 16 May 2016

Access to New Homes in Orton Northgate

This may come as news to you as there has been very little information about it in the local press or from the City Council until now. Did YOU know of the plans - that have already been approved by your City Council - to build up to 130 new houses on land formerly owned by the East of England Showground at Orton Northgate?

The Peterborough Telegraph ran a story about it last weekend which you can read here:

As you will read, Alwalton residents have raised concerns about access to the new housing scheme.

According to the article, Alwalton Parish Council and some residents of Alwalton feel that access to the new housing should be via the entrance to Orton Northgate that already exists, along a road called Joseph Odam Way. Joseph Odam Way runs off the Lynchwood roundabout towards the entrance to the Showground, with access to the houses on the Northgate estate off to the left and the right from a further roundabout just outside the Showground gates).

Peterborough City Council, however, agrees with the developers, that access should be via Oundle Road and that a new signalised junction should be put in place on Oundle Road to facilitate this.

Map showing the location of the new housing adjacent to Alwaton and Orton Northgate
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The area shown in purple is the approximate site of the new housing. The yellow dots indicate Joseph Odam Way.

Alwalton Parish Council's and Alwalton residents' objections and suggestions seem to make perfect sense to me (I live in Orton Northgate and share Alwalton PC's concerns about safety and congestion).

I would be interested to know how Orton Northgate residents feel about the access proposals.
Do you agree with Alwalton Parish Council or Peterborough City Council?
If you drive along this section of Oundle Road at peak times how do you think the plans will affect your journeys?
Do you worry that this section of Oundle Road will be less safe when the Council-approved access to the new housing is put in place?
What about during the construction period? Are you concern about safety on that section of Oundle Road with so many heavy plant vehicles entering the development site via an already very busy road?

I would appreciate your views.

*Please note that Alwalton Parish Council does not cover the area that is being developed. Alwalton Parish Council covers the area adjacent to it, hence their concerns about traffic flow and road safety. The new development will be within Orton Waterville Parish.

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