Friday, 28 October 2016

Beautiful Bushfield Blighted By Bottles

I wish I could tell you this was a day's work.
I picked this lot up in just 20 minutes.

I try very hard not to let it get to me.

We live in a very beautiful area. So can anyone tell me WHY the littering around Bushfield playing fields is so bad?

Yesterday, I joined a local litter picking group run by resident Barrie Tulloch to clear the area from the top of Cherry Orton Road in Waterville and along the paths past Bushfield playing fields. The amount of rubbish we collected was quite disgraceful.

Stop Dropping Bottles!

There are two main categories of litter in this area.

The first is dropped by people who use the fields for sport and the paths to get to and from the school. So it's sweet wrappers and crisp packets.

But the main offender is plastic drinks bottles. Many of them are still half full of liquid. They are routinely dropped at the sides of the playing fields, presumably because the people who leave them there believe the 'bottle fairies' will spirit them away (I know I'm sounding like your mother now, but perhaps that's what it takes!)

Newsflash: If you leave bottles on the grass they don't disappear by magic. Either the council or volunteers come and get them. If we don't, they will eventually cause great harm to the area, including the wildlife. Check out my exchange with local wildlife charity Froglife on this very problem...

Froglife says discarded bottles are death traps for newts
Newts may be difficult to spot but they are here and our littering is putting them in danger.

Awful. But moaning does nothing. Only action on the part of residents will make a difference. The message is really simple: please take your litter home with you. If you're fit enough for sport, you're fit enough to carry your drinks bottle to the nearest bin (even if that's at your house).

Here's another idea. Why not fill your own bottle with your favourite drink and take it back home with you to use again?! I make it sound so simple. That's because it is simple.

Join Our Litter Picking Group!

If you'd like to join us on this litter pick you will be very, very welcome. We supply all the equipment, just bring yourself in suitable clothing (waterproof, ideally!). It can be a nice way to meet other people who care about our area and there is satisfaction in doing something that helps our community and our environment and local wildlife.

Drop a line to me or to resident Barrie Tulloch ( and we'll let you know when we'll next be picking.

Julie at Bushfield having cleared it of rubbish
Lovely litter-free field, cleared by volunteers, not by magic!

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